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30 Years Feuerherdt

Since 1989 the name Feuerherdt stands for innovative EMC-applications and top of the line contact springs „Made in Germany“

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⚠️ No shipping from 16th to 20th October 2023! ⚠️

Due to the relocation to our new company headquarters, there will be a temporary interruption of shipping services from 16th to 20th October 2023.

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Feuerherdt GmbH

It started 30 years ago on top of the living room table of the company founder and sole owner Jochim Feuerherdt and became over the years the unprecedented success story it is today.

Feuerherdt is today one of the world’s leading EMC specialists and the most reputable producer of high-quality contract springs made from beryllium copper and stainless steel in Germany.
Our standard product portfolio consists of more than 400 different spring types, that can be customized according to customer wishes in varied lengths. Due to an extensive stock, we are usually in the position perform our deliveries in no time.

The correct surface type depends mainly on the field of application; accordingly, our springs can be optionally coated and refined with an extra surface made from tin, nickel, zinc, gold or silver. Customer satisfaction is the first priority for Feuerherdt und we can react extremely flexible to any needs. Being so active in very different markets, such as med-tech, energy, electronics, research and development, automotive, air and space, mechanical engineering and construction, compliance with extremely varying requirements is a no brainer for us.

We’ll identify the perfect shielding for you, no matter if you ask for our support at the early stage products development or to cases of failed EMC testings – get from us a fast and unbureaucratic helping hand.

We adapt to your needs – it does not matter if it is for a single spring, unconventional custom-made products, research-projects, developing brand new products, small batch series or a production run of millions of units!

We offer you the complete product range of EMC shielding materials. Alongside the classics like contact springs, we offer a variety of elastomers, mesh, foil and case gaskets.

You can see an overview of our standard product portfolio here.

New catalogue out now!

We think it’s the best and most user-friendly Feuerherdt catalogue ever. It comes with a new design, that is as exceptional as usual.
The content has been increased considerably and gives a great overview of the multiple options the EMC world is offering.
If you need very special applications that are not listed in our catalogue, our experts will be happy to support you in identifying or engineering the perfect solution especially for you.


data protection incident according to Art. 34 GDPR

Note about a data protection incident according to Art. 34 GDPR

Note about a data protection incident according to Art. 34 GDPR
Despite extensive security measures, an attack and subsequent short-term access to our IT systems could not be prevented. We regret that very much.

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