Our quality standard is comprised of the fulfilment and documentation of specific stipulations of norms, guidelines and customer specifications. This standard is for us of the highest importance. So only first-rate quality counts. Our aspiration - a flawless production.

Therefore we act from the beginning quality-oriented since the ambition for first-rate quality should apply to the entire value chain. Our high level of quality awareness has been certified since 1996 (currently ISO 9001:2015). To achieve that, a functioning quality management system was implemented, covering the entire value process, that reflects on our internal quality policies.

We, as an environmentally aware company, accept our responsibility to protect and conserve nature. Therefore our priority is not just to produce environmentally friendly products, but to produce in an eco-friendly manner. 

ISO 9001-Certificate   ISO 14001-Certificate

Declaration RoHS-guideline

We confirm, that our delivered products are in accordance with the specifications and regulations of the guideline 2011/65/EU and its extension guideline 2015/863/EU, in their valid versions, for the reduction of hazardous substances in electric and electronic equipment.

Compliance with RoHS guideline is ensured for all products without a surface coating.
Customer specifications for surface coating outside the limits stipulated by RoHS can only be realized after consulting with us.

Declaration of conformity / directive

Declaration REACH-regulation

We confirm, that our delivered products, according to present knowledge, are in compliance with the specifications and regulations of directive EG Nr. 1907/2006 Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals, in its valid version.

Declaration of conformity / regulation

Code of Conduct

Social Responsibility and respectful collaboration form the basis for our business success.

Code of Conduct

Environmental policy

Management policy statement on environmental policy

Environmental policy