Social Commitment

Social engagement is an important part of Feuerherdt's corporate philosophy. Social responsibility begins with the employees in the company and ranges from business activities to the support of the following social institutions in Berlin.


Berliner Tafel e.V.

Not all human get their daily bread – and still, there is a surplus of foodstuff. The mission of Berliner Tafel e.V is, to redistribute food of faultless quality, that cannot be resold anymore, to destitute people of the region.

Die Arche - Christliches Kinder- und Jugendwerke e.V.

„We get kids off the streets“ way more than half a million people in Berlin live below the poverty line. One of five is of the age of zero to fifteen The Kinder- und Jugendwerk „Die Arche“ fights against child poverty in Germany. The mission, to get these kids from the streets, give them reasonable leisure opportunities, to act against social deficiencies and to elevate children in general again into the centre of the society.


Patenschaften für Kinder psychisch erkrankter Eltern, AMSOC e.V.

Children need reliable relationships and support. Children, whose parents suffer intermittently from severe psychological illness, usually lack both. In many cases, they become care-givers for their sick parents. That great burden puts them at risk to become mentally ill themselves. The Berliner youth agency AMSOC e.V. tries to avoid, by finding and joining those children with voluntary godparents. They take care of the children regularly and long-term. On a weekly bases they organize some activities with their charges, let them participate in the godparent's daily lives and in the worst case, they give the children shelter until the parents are back on their feet.
Experts from AMSOC e.V. choose carefully the godparents and prepare them with specific training for the acceptance of this responsible honorary role.

Deutsche Rheuma-Liga Berlin e.V. 

The Deutsche Rheuma-Liga Berlin e.V., founded in 1975 by doctors and affected, is the biggest Berliner help & self-help community included into the health system, with a self-image of being a non-profit and democratic self-help association. The association's mission is to assist humans with chronic rheumatic illnesses in their daily lives. This happens in the association's therapy, counselling and self-help centre, regional Rheuma-Liga-meeting points, in approx. 90 self-help groups, by providing a versatile and close to home course programme and many other offers.