Punched Gaskets

Punched Gaskets


• Flexible design according to customer drawing
• Over 100 dB average shielding efficiency in the Range of 100 MHz-10 GHz​​​​​​​
• Rip-Stop fabric for self terminating tips​​​​​​​
• Delivery optionally with or without double-sided adhesive tape

Available Materials

• Selection of cores: Urethane foam Neoprene foam

• Selection of fabric materials: Nickel Copper + Carbon Nickel Copper


Punched connector gaskets are made of a foam core with conductive nylon fabric (Ni/Cu or Ni/Cu + Carbon) and provide both good EMC shielding and a seal against air, light and dust. Due to the low compression force, the seals are ideally suited for metal or metallized plastic housings.

Shielding Performance of Fabric over Foam Gaskets according 
to MIL-G-83528