Mesh tapes are specially designed for shielding and grounding of electrical and electronic cable assemblies. In the wrapping process, the flexible structure adapts to irregular surfaces and contours and is useful for static discharge (ESD). As the best-performing material, tinned copper clad steel wire is the standard product due to the best performance, but mesh-tapes from stainless steel, monel and aluminium are also available. We recommend 50 % overlapping for best results.


Combi-Shield is a combination of knitted wire mesh bonded to an elastomer part and covers EMI and environmental shielding. The elastomer part is made from neoprene foam, the EMI shield can be chosen from a range of either solid knitted gaskets or mesh elasto profiles. The neoprene sponge can be supplied with or without adhesive tape. The most common version is to combine a pure metal gasket for EMI shielding with the neoprene sponge for fixing and protection against dust and moisture. The EMI shielding can also be made of a mesh elastomer gasket to make the gasket more flexible.

Solid knitted gaskets

Layers of metal mesh are formed to round or rectangular standard EMI shielding profiles. The knitted mesh with lots of small loops makes the material elastic and flexible. They have excellent shielding properties and can resist high temperatures without losing them. They are made of the following wire materials: monel, tinned copper clad steel, stainless steel, beryllium copper, tinned copper, aluminium – endless on rolls or ready-to-mount as closed ring according to the customer’s drawing.

Rectangular profiles are available with adhesive tape, round and double round profiles with fixing strip for easy mounting.

Mesh-Elasto Gaskets

Mesh-Elasto-Gaskets are a product combining EMI and environmental shielding. The gasket is made from a round or rectangular elastomer core (neoprene sponge, silicone sponge or tube) knitted over by one or two layers of mesh. These mesh layers provide the EMI shielding and the elastomer core adds elasticity and allows the gasket to recover quickly following repeated compression and shields against moisture and dust. The wire material can be chosen from monel, tinned copper clad steel, stainless steel, beryllium copper, tinned copper, aluminium.

Ultra-light gaskets

Ultra-light gaskets are designed for applications where a gasket with extremely low compression force is required. One layer of a fine monel wire is knitted over a very low-density urethane foam and provides an excellent combination of EMI shielding performance and mechanical properties. These gaskets are supplied endless on rolls or cut-to-length to your requirements, which includes the choice of adhesive tape and/or terminated ends.

Fabric over foam gaskets

Fabric over foam gaskets are manufactured from a resilient foam core bonded over with conductive fabric.  The fabric can be metalized either with Ni/Cu or with Ni/Cu + Carbon. Together with a core of urethane- or neoprene foam effective EMI shielding is provided as well as protection from air, light and dust.
The Ripstop structure allows for self-terminating ends oft he gaskets. Fabric over foam gaskets are easy to apply and suitable for metal or metalized enclosures. More than 70 different profiles and sizes offer a choice for all applications. All profiles are available with UL94-VO specifications.
Delivery is effected with or without adhesive tape, endless on rolls or cut-to-length and ready to mount to your specifications.


Electrical washers and contacts

Metal contacts and washers with an interlocking loop structure have a high electrical and thermal conductivity with vibration and shock dampening properties.  Even with low closure force, the impedance is very low, typically less than 0.02 Ohm. The required spring force is achieved by an adequate choice of the mesh density and the loop structure. Mesh materials are monel, beryllium copper, tinned copper-clad steel, stainless steel or aluminium. Customized shapes are available on request.

Conductive textiles

Conductive foam gaskets combine the conductivity of metal gaskets with the extremely low compression characteristics of fabric over foam gaskets. The material can be compressed by 10 % to 50 % of its uncompressed shape. Due to an improved conductivity of the Z-axis, attenuation of more than 100 dB can be achieved for a large range of frequencies. A Ni/Cu surface over a PRT and PU material grants excellent properties of wear up to one million cycles. The parts can be made with or without adhesive backing, also in customized shapes.

Low compression gaskets

Our low-compression gasket has been developed as a cost-effective and easy-to-process gasket for commercial applications with good shielding properties. The gasket can be inserted in a groove or – if supplied with adhesive tape – simply be glued to the surface. The shielding effectiveness is approx. 60 dB at 30 MHz to 1 GHz and the gasket also shields against moisture and dust.
The core is a polyurethane sponge, knitted over with fabrics of silvered nylon and has an excellent resiliency. Delivery endless on rolls, with or without adhesive tape.